Zoe Andersen was a main character on The Rookie. She was Captain of the Mid-Wilshire station. She was played by Mercedes Mason.

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Captain Anderson gives Officer Chen a sketch of her background in "Flesh and Blood":

"I didn't always push a desk. You know, I was in Marine Corps MOS 5803. Military police. ... Did a year as Pentagon Police, Criminal Investigation Directorate. Then I moved back home, joined the LAPD."

In "Green Light", she refers again to her military experience, telling Nolan that her eyes had to adjust to constantly scanning the area for threats. After they are tailed and harassed by gang members, she describes the incident as "exhilarating".


Trivia Edit

  • In the pilot episode, Andersen admits to Sgt. Grey that she requested Nolan for her squad and insists that Nolan's experience will be valuable. Nolan finds this out in "Green Light" following her death while he and Grey are taking Midas back to the station.
  • In "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", Andersen tells Lopez and West that she didn't have a "plan B" and nothing would have stopped her from becoming a cop.
  • In "The Hawke", Andersen tells Megan Mitchell that her ex "wasn't Hawke, but he wasn't healthy, either."
  • In "Time of Death", Percy West points out that, though Nolan is the first of her squad to take a life in the line of duty, Andersen has experienced it firsthand.
  • Andersen is killed in "Green Light" during a shootout with Cole Midas and his men. She is shot in the neck by Midas while protecting Nolan. The team attaches black ribbons to their badges in her honor.

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