"Time of Death" is the eighth episode of the first season on The Rookie. This is the eighth episode of the series overall.

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In the opening scene, Bishop and Nolan chase down a burglary suspect and end up locked into an "escape room" with him; they have to cooperate in order to puzzle their way out of the room. Bishop is given the go-ahead to take the detectives' exam. Isabel Bradford is brought to the station, having been offered leniency in exchange for being an informant. She's assigned a meet with her dealer's supplier but is pessimistic about the result, and Tim is livid when he finds out she's being sent to the meet. He confronts the captain but is told that he can't be part of the operation. Bishop and Nolan respond to a silent alarm and come upon a robbery in progress; when Nolan chases one of the armed suspects into a nearby house and confronts him, Nolan shoots the man dead. The aftermath involves Nolan's disorientation, interrogation, questioning of his associates, and removal from active duty while the incident is examined. Isabel goes to the meet, but her video and audio feed is cut off and when the detectives and Bradford enter the scene, no one is there. Lucy takes Nolan back to his house and they sleep together, but while Lucy's in the shower Nolan is attacked by the brother of the man he killed. To be continued...

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Guest starring Edit

  • Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford
  • Demetrius Grosse as Det. Kevin Wolfe
  • David DeSantos as Det. Elijah Vestri
  • Michael Beach as Cmdr. Percy West
  • Christopher James Baker as Marcus Vance
  • Isaac Keys as Pony
  • Nicole Bilderback as IA Det. Emily Barrett
  • Niko Nicotera as Carson Miller
  • Andrew Friedman as Simon Paige
  • Kathe Mazur as Nolan's Lawyer

Co-starring Edit

  • Sam Duffy as Kyle Montgomery
  • Steve Lenz as Alex Montgomery
  • Elizabeth J. Carlisle as Annie
  • Stephanie Hodge as Ricky
  • Jeremy Denzlinger as Processing Sergeant
  • Nolan Freeman as Random Farrel

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Nolan: (in the escape room) Are you some kind of secret genius?

Bishop: Oh, it's not a secret.

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