Tim Bradford is a main character on The Rookie. He is the Training Officer for Lucy Chen. His wife is Isabel Bradford, a former Narcotics detective. Bradford and Chen's call sign is 7-Adam-19.


Bradford is a tough training officer, who frequently springs tests on Chen in difficult situations. He speaks Spanish, as we hear in the pilot episode, and he was once Bishop's training officer, as we hear in "Flesh and Blood".

Bradford is highly competitive, as seen in "The Roundup", where he persuades a Dispatch operator to give his team an advantage.

Bradford met his wife, Isabel, when she was a Narcotics officer at another precinct; at the time the pilot airs, he has not seen her for over a year due to her drug addiction. In spite of his attitude of tough love, he tries to help her, giving her money and medication and standing up for her when he believes she's in a dangerous situation. When she eventually enters rehab treatment, he goes to visit her but ultimately decides that she's better off without him around and tells her, "This is the end."


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  • In the pilot episode, Bradford tells Chen to translate something into Spanish for him, but then reveals that he speaks Spanish himself and could tell she changed his statement.


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