"The Ride Along" is the seventh episode of the first season on The Rookie. This is the seventh episode of the series overall.

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Nolan and Bishop are assigned Hollywood director Rupert Payne, of whom Nolan is a fan, for a ride along to research his new film. Despite orders to keep him away from any dangerous situations, Payne observes Nolan and Bishop deescalating a situation involving a mentally impaired young man from a troubled neighborhood, which leads to a dangerous situation when Rupert tries to help the young man's family. Meanwhile, West informs Lopez that she is being considered for detective, which prompts Lopez to attempt leveraging smaller criminals into giving up a major player, which ultimately backfires. Elsewhere, Bradford's wife is arrested in a drugs bust, forcing Bradford to choose, once and for all, between his devotion to his wife and his devotion to his duty as a cop.

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  • Rib Hillis as Porsche Guy
  • Chris Lamica as The Jason
  • Oscar Peña as Chuy
  • Eddie Yu as Security
  • Aubrey Cleland as Tiffany
  • Ron J. Rock as Rajon
  • Kaydence Patton as Officer Patton
  • Atticus Batacan as Clerk

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In this episode, Tim Bradford says the car Isabel was arrested in is registered to "Carson Holland". In subsequent episodes, Isabel's associate is named "Carson Miller".

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