"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is the third episode of the first season on The Rookie. This is the third episode of the series overall.

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Nolan and Bishop chase a group of thieves and Nolan loses a bag of stolen money when a street performer runs off with it. The precinct learns that the thieves are part of a gang who have pulled off a string of heists and they begin searching for the remaining gang members. Meanwhile, Chen helps Bradford as he readjusts to being back on duty while also trying to help his drug addicted wife, who reveals to Chen she was once a narcotics cop. Elsewhere, an arrest of a former college athlete causes West and Lopez to talk about alternative careers to police work, since Lopez still doubts West's ability to handle the job.

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Guest starring Edit

  • Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford
  • Skye P. Marshall as Kai De Vera
  • Tyler Francavilla as Roman Ealy
  • Jee Young Han as Nancy Wu

Co-starring Edit

  • Roxy Wood as Sue
  • Joshua Berduo as Logan
  • Clint Culp as Bank Manager
  • Mark Jacobson as Chad
  • Evan Whitten as Jacob
  • André B. Walker as Sgt. Laubacher
  • Lissa Pallo as Nurse
  • Michael Shen as Window Employee
  • Brett Schaberg as Mutt

Trivia Edit

  • The tech stuck behind ATM machine is based on a news item out of Corpus Christi, Texas which took place on June 13, 2017. A similar scenario was depicted in 9-1-1: Stuck (2018), which also took place in Los Angeles. In that instance, it was viewed from the aspect of the fire department
  • Tim's wife Isabel said that she worked out of the 77th Division. However, LAPD has only 21 divisions.
  • California Penal Code 211 – Robbery.
  • Code 4 - No further assistance needed.
  • BearCat = Armored tactical vehicle.
  • Flashbang = Stun grenade
  • Halligan - Forcible entry tool used by firefighters & police; usually includes claw, blade, and pick
  • Break and rake" - a procedure where a small team breaks into and holds one room in a building.

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