"Standoff" is the ninth episode of the first season on The Rookie. This is ninth episode of the series overall.

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Nolan manages to fight off his attacker, throwing him through the window and calling for backup. Meanwhile, Tim, Angela, and Talia find Isabel. She has been shot in the head but will survive. Lucy fears consequences if their supervisors find out she and Nolan slept together, so Nolan lies to Commander West about it. Nolan is assigned to desk duty during the investigation of his attack. Tim, Lucy, Jackson, Angela, and Talia go to an apartment building to find Vance, the drug dealer who shot Isabel and left her for dead. Things go sideways and they end up in a shootout with Vance and his men. Lucy helps deliver Vance's girlfriend's baby while Jackson is able to turn off the power to a frequency jammer, so Talia can call for backup. Vance and his men break into the apartment and fight with Tim and Lucy. The other officers, including Nolan, Commander West, and the SWAT team arrive, and Vance and his men are arrested. Nolan reports to Andersen and Commander West and the latter informs him that he has been cleared of all charges and can return to active duty immediately..

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  • Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford
  • Michael Beach as Cmdr. Percy West
  • Demetrius Grosse as Det. Kevin Wolfe
  • David DeSantos as Det. Elijah Vestri
  • Madalyn Horcher as Cesiah Olivo
  • Christopher James Baker as Marcus Vance
  • Alyson Reed as Woman in Apartment 202
  • Eugene Byrd as Man in Apartment 101
  • Niko Nicotera as Carson Miller
  • Jamison Yang as Officer Yamada
  • Randy J. Goodwin as Jeff Turner
  • Dana L. Wilson as Wendell's Mom


  • Sam Duffy as Kyle Montgomery
  • Isaac Keys as Pony
  • Cristian Fagins as Wendell
  • Scott Dreier as Flawless
  • Carin Chea as Paramedic
  • Oakley Lehman as Connolly

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