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Original run October 16, 2018 – present
No. of Episodes 15
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Season 1 of The Rookie was announced on October 26, 2017 and premiered on October 16, 2018.


John Nolan is a 40-year-old man, recently divorced, with a son in college and a construction business. After a harrowing experience during a bank robbery, he decides to become a cop, and as the LAPD is one of the few forces to accept officers his age, he packs up his belongings and moves to Los Angeles. We pick up his story just after he's graduated from the police academy, when he's been assigned to the Mid-Wilshire division along with two other rookies.



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Picture Title Number USA Original Airdate Writer(s) Director
S1E1 "Pilot" 1 October 16, 2018 Alexi Hawley Liz Friedlander
John Nolan is a forty year old man who, after witnessing a bank robbery in his small town, packs up his entire life to move to Los Angeles and become a cop. His assignment to the force is met with skepticism from his fellow officers, particularly his watch commander, Sergeant Wade Grey, and his training officer Talia Bishop. Also joining Nolan as rookie officers are Jackson West, son of a high ranking LAPD officer and eager to live up to the legacy, and Lucy Chen, who became a cop against the wishes of her parents and who is carrying on a secret affair with Nolan despite the risk it poses to her career.
S1E2 "Crash Course" 2 October 23, 2018 Alexi Hawley Adam Davidson
Talia forces Nolan to confront his personal moral instincts in order to be a good cop after he encounters a kidnapping victim. Meanwhile, Lucy is temporarily placed with a new training officer who tests her patience, and Jackson must confront his failures head-on if he wants to be an officer.
S1E3 "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" 3 October 30, 2018 Liz Alper & Ally Seibert Greg Beeman
After Nolan and Talia lose control of a crime scene, they begin to debate whether people are fundamentally good or bad and what that means for a police officer. Meanwhile, Lucy is concerned Tim is enabling his wife's destructive behavior and not taking care of himself.
S1E4 "The Switch" 4 November 13, 2018 Vincent Angell Toa Fraser
Sgt. Gray tests the rookies by assigning them new T.O.s, partnering Nolan with Lopez, West with Bradford, and Chen with Bishop. Nolan accompanies Lopez to court and ends up chasing an escaped prisoner, whose gratitude for their handling of his arrest leads him to tip them to a major drug bust. Bradford learns about West's struggles when he freezes during a shootout. Chen defends her relationship with Nolan to Bishop during their patrol, prompting Nolan and Chen to have a talk about their relationship.
S1E5 "The Roundup" 5 November 20, 2018 Marcus Black Nelson McCormick
Nolan struggles to deal with his breakup with Chen just as the T.O.s start an annual competition to see who can get the most felony arrests in a single shift. Bradford plays to win, even bribing a dispatcher to get the best calls, which worries Chen. Meanwhile, West dives headfirst into the competition to prove himself while Nolan and Bishop, who is refusing to play, find themselves dealing with a mob-connected banker.
S1E6 "The Hawke" 6 November 27, 2018 Fredrick Kotto Timothy Busfield
Nolan meets up with Jeremy Hawke, his former training officer at the academy, and learns he has fallen on tough times. Lopez and West interview a domestic violence victim who reveals to them that she is Hawke's wife Megan. Grey tells Nolan and Bishop to bring Hawke to Andersen immediately. Hawke flees from them and goes on the run. The squad discovers that Hawke's son Logan, who is in the car with him, is a willing participant in the chase because Hawke lied to him. Lopez and West investigate a shooting incident where the victim and his father both seem to be lying. After Hawke has ditched his son for his son's own good, Nolan and Bradford corner Hawke, who is finally subdued after Bishop and Chen tase him. West visits the shooting victim and urges him to tell the truth about what happened before he leaves.
S1E7 "The Ride Along" 7 December 4, 2018 Robert Bella Cherie Nowlan
Nolan and Bishop are assigned to take Hollywood director Rupert Payne, of whom Nolan is a fan, for a ride along to research his new film. Despite their orders to keep him away from any dangerous situations, Payne observes Nolan and Bishop deescalating a situation involving a mentally impaired young man from a troubled neighborhood, which leads to a dangerous situation when Rupert tries to help the young man's family. Meanwhile, West informs Lopez that she is being considered for detective, which prompts Lopez to attempt leveraging smaller criminals into giving up a major player, which ultimately backfires. Elsewhere, Bradford's wife is arrested in a drugs bust, forcing Bradford to choose, once and for all, between his devotion to his wife and his devotion to his duty as a cop.
"Time of Death" 8 December 11, 2018 Brynn Malone Mike Goi
Nolan and Bishop pursue two men who tried to rob a convenience store at gunpoint. Nolan confronts one of the robbers in a nearby home and makes a split-second decision to use lethal force, leading to an investigation, interrogation, and disorientation on Nolan's part. Isabel Bradford turns informant to keep from going to prison and agrees to meet up with her dealer's supplier, but the meeting does not go as planned.
"Standoff" 9 January 8, 2019 Alexi Hawley John Terlesky
Nolan manages to fight off his attacker. Meanwhile, Bradford's wife Isabel is found shot in the head but she survives. The officers, excluding Nolan, go to an apartment building to find Vance, the drug dealer who shot Isabel, but they end up in a fire fight with the dealer's crew.
The rookie episode 10
"Flesh and Blood" 10 January 15, 2019 Inda Craig-Galvan Jessica Yu
On Captain Andersen’s orders, Officer Nolan and Sergeant Grey are paired up for the day on patrol. Additionally, Nolan’s son and Grey’s daughter visit their dads on the job and see them in action. Meanwhile, Officer Chen is paired up with Captain Andersen and learns about Andersen's past experiences.
The rookie season 1 episode 11
"Redwood" 11 January 22, 2019 Ally Seibert & Liz Alper Sylvain White
An unscheduled visit by the vice president of the United States puts the station on high alert. The Secret Service tasks Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop with checking out a possible threat to the vice president while the rest of the team tries to keep the streets clear and safe for his visit.
"Heartbreak" 12 February 12, 2019 Vincent Angell Carol Banker
The most dangerous day of the year - Valentine's Day - has the team on high alert, and Officer Nolan invites everyone over for a party now that he is single.
Caught Stealing
"Caught Stealing" 13 February 19, 2019 David Radcliff Omar Madha
The rookies become the prime suspects after it is discovered a large sum of money used in a drug bust has gone missing
"Plain Clothes Day" 14 February 26, 2019 Terence Paul Winter Mike Goi
The rookies are put to the test when their training officers accompany them out of uniform for Plain Clothes Day, which forces them to make all the decisions while on patrol. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan tries to prove he has been progressing faster than the other rookies to justify his desire of becoming a detective within five years.
Manhunt promo "Manhunt" 15 March 5, 2019 Robert Bella Bill Johnson
A former FBI agent, brought in by Grey to train the officers in hostage negotiations, becomes part of an operation to capture several felons who escaped custody when their bus crashed.
Greenlight-Andersen "Green Light" 16 March 19, 2019 Brynn Malone Valerie Weiss
Officer Nolan gets a lesson in respect after his arrest of a gang member leads to a free-for-all on his life. Meanwhile, Officer Chen and Officer Bradford pull over Mario Lopez, who thinks he can talk his way out of a traffic violation.
The Rookie intertitle "The Shake Up" 17 March 26, 2019 Alexi Hawley Steve Robin
The Rookie intertitle "Homefront" 18 April 2, 2019 Bill Rinier and Natalie Callaghan April Mullen
The Rookie intertitle "The Checklist" 19 April 9, 2019
The Rookie intertitle "Free Fall" 20 April 16, 2019

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