"Redwood" is the eleventh episode of the first season on The RookieThis is eleventh episode of the series overall.


An unscheduled visit by the vice president of the United States puts the station on high alert. The secret service tasks Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop with checking out a possible threat to the vice president while the rest of the team tries to keep the streets clear and safe for his visit.


Main Edit

Guest starring Edit

  • Currie Graham as Ben McRee
  • Lauren Stamile as Agent Phoenix Danvers
  • Bailey Noble as Rachel
  • Chet Grissom as Luke
  • Eve Brenner as Ruth
  • Amanda Carlin as Alma
  • Pooja Batra as Dr. Haddad
  • Cameron J. Armstrong as Nurse Gino Brown
  • Miriam A. Hyman as Broke Tenant
  • Lamar Stewart as Illegal Subletter

Co-starring Edit

  • Kevin Covais as Stanley Knott
  • Kevin Fry-Bowers as Donny
  • Deep Rai as Praveen
  • Adam Kang as Freddy
  • Joaquin Huizar as Kid
  • Aliee Chan as Protestor #1
  • Travis Quist as Arnold
  • Caryn Mower as Donna
  • Vaia Zaganas as Jaclyn


  • This episode is directed by Sylvain White, who also directed a film adaptation of the Vertigo comic book The Losers, as well as episodes for several television shows.
  • The weapons turned in at the beginning of the episode are two Colt M1911A1 pistols, an M1 Garand semiautomatic rifle, and an M18A1 Claymore mine. Also appearing in this episode is a Blaser R93 sniper rifle, as seen when the Secret Service agents are setting up in an apartment along the motorcade route. (IMFDb)
  • In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on January 22, 2019, Kimmel and Nathan Fillion both mentioned that Kevin Covais, who plays Stanley in this episode, was known for his participation in American Idol.
  • West tells one of the apartment dwellers that hanging an obscene picture of the Vice President in public view is a violation of Penal Code 415.5, but 415.5 only covers fighting, noise, and obscene language, not imagery.

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