Lucy Chen is a main character in The Rookie, played by Melissa O'Neil.

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In the Pilot episode, Lucy Chen is a rookie paired up with Training Officer Tim Bradford. She tells Bradford that her parents are both psychologists, the implication being that she joined the police force as an act of rebellion. In a later episode, she tells Nolan that she realizes how committed she is to her new career.

Lucy drives a 1977 Datsun 280Z, which she has to push down the street in the pilot episode, and she says she lives in a one-bedroom apartment with a view of a methadone clinic.

In the pilot episode, it's apparent that Lucy and John Nolan are romantically involved and trying to keep their relationship on the down low. When Bishop warns both Chen and Nolan about the stigma attached to female cops who sleep with male cops, they break off the relationship, though neither one is happy doing so.

In "Caught Stealing", Chen is forced to find a new place to live, as her landlord is evicting everyone to convert her building to condominiums. In the course of the episode, one of the criminals is found dead in a "surprisingly upscale" apartment, and Chen ends up renting it at a discount due to the fact that there had been a death there.


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  • In "The Roundup", Nolan states to Ben that Lucy is 28 years old.

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