Jackson West is a main character on The Rookie. His Training Officer is Angela Lopez. He is played by Titus Makin.

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In the opening episode, West describes himself as "the most prepared rookie in the history of the LAPD" and he seems to have criminal and penal codes memorized. His father, Percy West, has been a cop for thirty years, according to Lopez, and is chief of the Internal Affairs Division.

West initially has a serious problem with freezing under fire, which he eventually overcomes without being disciplined for it. He says that he's been planning to be a cop "since birth" and doesn't have what Lopez calls a "Plan B", or something to fall back on if he doesn't make it in the LAPD.

In "Redwood", while West is keeping Chen company at the hospital, he tells her about his brother Marshall, who has kidney disease. Jackson was found to be a match for a kidney transplant but chose to go to the police academy, with Marshall's blessing. His brother found another donor, but Jackson's mother has never forgiven him for "choosing the job over family".

In "Caught Stealing" it's obvious that West sticks to the letter of the law, rather than the spirit; Lopez schools him on being more flexible.


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