Detective Elijah Vestri was a recurring character on The Rookie. He was the partner of Det. Kevin Wolfe. He was played by David DeSantos.

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Vestri and Wolfe were responsible for bringing in Isabel Bradford on drug charges and using her as a confidential informant. In "Time of Death", they sent her on an undercover meet, during which Isabel was abducted, shot, and left to die. In "Standoff", they were ambushed in an apartment building where Isabel's supplier's crew had the Mid-Wilshire patrol pinned down. The detectives were shot multiple times as they exited an elevator; Officer Bishop and Det. Vestri dragged Det. Wolfe to safe cover, but Det. Vestri died soon thereafter of his wounds.

In "Time of Death", Captain Andersen tells Officer Bishop that Vestri and Wolfe are pulling for her to make Detective, and Bishop goes backup on Isabel's undercover mission with the detectives.


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