Angela Lopez is a main character on The Rookie. She is the Training Officer for rookie Jackson West. Their call sign is 7-Adam-07. She is portrayed by Alyssa Diaz.

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Lopez has mentioned a few things about her past:

  • I grew up with four brothers in a two-bedroom. (Pilot)
  • I was raised by a single mom. Everything I own was a hand-me-down from my four brothers, so I care about what I wear and how I look. (The Switch)
  • NOLAN : Let me guess. Your dad was M.I.A., show up when it's convenient, bring a toy, act like a savior. LOPEZ : It was a stuffed animal. Last one he brought, I fed to the garbage disposal. And then he got cancer. (The Switch) 
  • Lopez danced with her grandfather (abuelo) at her quinceañera. (The Switch)
  • In episode 8, "Time of Death", Lopez says that she has had to take a life while on the job.

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